# Day & Night English Camp

In the English Camp of 2016 we found some special species. Let’s explore the English Camp Safari’s diverse community.

What kind of creatures can you find in the camp?

– Chic Chicks
– Bowl Moles
– Coffee-addicted koalas
– Hyper Squirrels
– Bullydingoes
– Funky Monkeys

Chick Chicks

Description: The nicest animals in the English Camp Safari. Their body is covered in colourful feathers. They are endangered because everybody wants to hunt them down.

Where can we find them?
They live and go everywhere in a flock, they flock together. If they are not pecking, they preen in their cage. Their hunting area is the beach. They land on the benches of the shops and they search for nutrition.

They have a very interesting communicational system. They use loud screams, inexplicable laughs and whispers. Only few other species can understand the system. They are nocturnal species. During the day, they collect a lot of information and after that they share their experiences in their cage. That is what we call chit-chat.

Attitudes and habits:
They have a traditional Nutella-eating ceremony. You are a lucky man if you ever get to see this ritual because they only do it when they are on their own.

A certain bird of the flock is keen on gluten-free bread. Sometimes she even endangers his own life to get the food she is so fond of.

Bowl Moles

A dark underground ditch. Nobody knows what is inside because everything that is born there, remains there. The place is TOP SECRET.

They are hairy mammals adapted to subterranean lifestyle. They have long bodies and reduced eyesight. That is why in the daylight they can only exist with a camera or sunglasses in front of their eyes. They have very elaborated paws adapted for pushing buttons on the computers. They are solitary animals but when they get close to water, they become socially active.

It is very difficult to trap a mole. You have to do something weird to call their attention. On the other hand, they love trapping other animals recording them to reveal their secrets.
English Camp moles are extraordinary creatures as they prefer concrete (BETON) to soil.

Coffein Addicted Koalas

Description: They are provident and usually calm. Because of their paucity they are endangered and should be taken care of. They often threaten other species.

Where can you find them? Attitudes: By day their favorite activity is hiding in shadows, far from the lights of the sun. They are nocturnal, so they come out in the evening and consume every possible source of nutritment that comes in their way. They usually can be found next to a coffee machine or an open bag of junkfood.

Communication: They prefer speaking English, but in case of an emergency they can speak bilingual English/Hungarian language. They are able to auditory communication and also visual ones.

Hyper Squirrels

The Hyper Squirrels are very loud animals. They are the most hyperactive animals in the English Camp Safari. There are just three of them but they seem to be more than three, because they are so active. They are short, one of them always wears a necklace, the others never change their fur. Their habbit is collecting gems in case of an acopalypse. Their favorite hobby is throwing rotten fruits to the house of the Funky Monkeys. They can help being late all the time.

thez have an other odd habbit, thez love to clear the dining table after lunch. they are insatiable paper clip collectors, but they can’t count it well.

Their communication is very fast and loud, and they can’t stop speaking. They speak the most while thez eat lunch, and thez can’t keep secrets beacuse they always tell all the information that they got.

The natural habitat of the hyper squirrel is their room. However they particulalry like staying behind home of the funky monkeys.

They are not completely similar because Angi is female and the others are males.

Bully Dingoes:

This specie is exteremely small and fast, they are the fastest in the English Camp Safari. They move in packs but sometimes end up bickering.

The fur of a bully dingois short and soft, it’s colors can be black, brown and blonde.

Where can you find them: The member of the pack usually spend the day together in their cave, listening to loud music. They have interesting topics, and they are not afraid to speak about them(e.g. reproduction)

Sometimes they entertain themselves in the table-soccer area.

Communication: The bark of a dingo consists swear words and inappropriate jokes. The frequency and intensity of their howling depends on the amount of instincts in their cave.

Attitudes: This specie is a nocturnal one, they are also predators. They usually hunt together, they like chips and tonic. In the pack the identity of the alpha is still an unclosed question. Because of this, competition among the specimen is an ‘everyday happening’.

Funky Monkeys:

Description: They have long lanky arms, they usually cover themselves with T-Shirt and shorts. They have elaborated finger-movement. They weight 40-60 kgs. There can be found brown-headed and blonde-headed Funky Monkeys as well.

Where can you find them?: They live in a small community of about two to four male monkeys, their natural habitat is the hole area of the English Camp Safari, where they are searching for the company of other species and try to catch the attention of the monkey girls.

Communications: During vocal communication they can use at least three languages on different levels.They have large throats and specialised, shell like vocal chambers that help to turn up the volume on their distinctive call, proposing to others and planning the wedding.

Attitude: Funky Monkeys tend to be very playful, they spend their time trying out different games and making up jokes about other species, for example about a specific Coffee-addicted koala called TÚR. They prefer avoiding water and not taking part in sport activities. They frequently pop up in the Safari Camp Channel Shows, but this does not bother them since they love being in the spotlight.